Alternative Dispute Resolution


More than 1,000 lawsuits successfully settled.

Since ancient times, commercial and personal disputes have been resolved with the help of skilled neutrals -- mediators -- who assist parties in finding win-win solutions. Mediation is confidential, voluntary, nonbinding and non-adversarial. A trained and experienced mediator helps parties find creative solutions and control the outcome in a positive and professional setting.

When Ms. Methvin began her judicial career in 1983, she was assigned to assist with 1600 civil cases. It was clear that settlements would be the fastest, most efficient, and satisfactory method of easing the docket. With the court's support, Ms. Methvin became a certified mediator and began holding many settlement conferences each month. She soon earned a reputation as a careful listener, a skillful communicator, and a creative neutral who could help parties reach solutions even when disputes had dragged on for many years, or involved complex issues or multiple parties. After Ms. Methvin left the bench in 2009, she established Satori Alternative Dispute Resolution, LLC, and continued offering private dispute resolution services. Please check out her track record here.


Arbitration is another alternative to litigation for dispute resolution. A neutral arbitrator, or panel of arbitrators, decides your case in a process which is private, binding, and generally cheaper and faster than litigation. Ms. Methvin is an experienced arbitrator. Her decades of judicial experience inform her evaluation of evidence and ability to arrive at fair and just decisions.

Special Master

Federal courts sometimes appoint a Special Master as an adjunct of the federal court under Rule 53 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. The role of the special master is to carry out orders of the court, hear evidence, and make recommendations to the court, or serve in a similar capacity. With three decades of judicial experience in federal and state courts, Ms. Methvin has the experience and skill to serve as a special master in an informed, fair, and impartial manner.